Pre Approved CLE Courses

CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION (Article 4.2.5 of Standards)

Trust and Estate specialists are required to complete sixty (60) hours of continuing legal education (“CLE”) in subjects directly related to Trust & Estate law by December 31 of a five year recertification cycle, with a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours of CLE in any calendar year.  It is contemplated that CLE courses for which credit is claimed will be advanced level courses attended primarily by lawyers having substantial experience in Trust & Estate law matters.  It further is contemplated that the CLE will cover numerous areas of Trust & Estate law.  If credit is claimed for programs that are not widely recognized Trust & Estate law programs or are not on a list of pre-approved Trust and Estate Law CLE, when you apply for re-certification, you may be required to supply a detailed description of the program (including the fraction of the CLE hours for the entire program allocable to each topic or segment) and the attendees’ level of experience.

The list of preapproved Trust and Estate law CLE programs can be viewed by clicking here.

An application for approval of a CLE program as Trust and Estate law CLE that is not on the list may be obtained by clicking here.


The following programs have been pre-approved by the Trust and Estate Specialty Board as qualifying as CLE in Trust & Estate Law.
1.     Annual ALI – CLE Programs:

a.      Estate Planning in Depth (week long program in Madison, Wisconsin)

b.     Estate Planning for the Family Business Owner

c.      Representing Estate and Trust Beneficiaries and Fiduciaries

d.     International Trust and Estate Planning

2.     Annual Law School/Conferences & Other in Estate Planning

a.      Heckerling Institute of Estate Planning -University of Miami

b.     Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute

c.      The Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum

d.     American College of Trust & Estate Counsel – any CLE programs for its members

e.      Annual Evansville Bar Association Estate and Business Planning Institute